Top Money Saving and Investing Apps for 2018

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99% of the space on my phone is taken up by apps. I AM AN APP GIRL! I LOVE THEM! One of my goals this year is better money management because I have other goals that I want to achieve that require moolah. It is only right for me to share my favorite money management apps that I am currently using to help me achieve financial fitness.

1. Mint

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Mint is a great app because it allows you to see ALL of your financial information in one place. A one-stop shop. Not only can you have access to all of your finances in one place, the app allows you to set and track goals, track your credit score, build alerts for bills, and show you your money spending habits.

2. Digitdigit app logo

Digit right now is my FAVORITE app. Once linked to a bank account, digit analyzes your spending habits and then moves small increments into a savings account to help you build toward whatever financial goal you’ve set. They also boast a ‘no-overdraft’ guarantee. Additionally, you can customize account update alerts, that way you know what is going on at all times. The only problem that I can see some folks having is that it is free for the first 100 days, then it is $2.99/month after. I say try it. If you don’t like it, then you can always remove your money and delete the account.

3. Robinhood

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Robinhood is a commission-free options trading app. I believe that this app is good for the hands-on novice who learns by doing as well as experts in the field. You can track your favorite stocks, get real-time updates, and personalized news feeds. Combined with self-initiated research and study, this app can be the ultimate tool in building wealth and financial fitness.

4. Acorns

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Last but not least, Acorns! Robinhood was the hands-on investment app for beginners, and Acorns is more hands-off. I like to compare it to learning to ride a bike with training wheels on the back. The concept of this app also reminds me of setting up a retirement account with your employer, combined with a savings account. You choose an investment portfolio based on your goal as well as how aggressively you want to invest. First, I like that the app has a TON of resources for you to learn about investing. I also like the option of recurring deposits (which you choose the frequency). The thing that people LOVE about this app is the round-up feature. This feature will round up purchases from the account you link to the next dollar, and invest the change from that rounding. This is a great app to start with.

Another thing that I like about this app is the Found Money feature. You can shop through the app with their partners and get cash back from your purchase that is added to your investments.


The official app for what ever banking institution and/or credit card company that you have an account with. Having the official app is a great way for checks and balances purposes of the other apps mentioned earlier. Also, most now have really cool features that provide identity theft protection/alerts, FICO credit score information, bonuses and cash-back offers, etc.

What are your financial goals for this year and how do you keep on track?

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