5 Carry-On Essentials for International Travel

carry-on essentials

Nervousness. Curiosity. Restlessness. EXCITEMENT! Traveling can bring about a whole range of emotions. Whether domestically or internationally, traveling is something that I really enjoy, and each instance is its own unique journey. No two travel experiences are the same. One thing that I have learned that makes the experience more pleasant is preparing and packing correctly. This is especially true for international flights and what you put in your carry-on bag. Having traveled a few times internationally, here are the 5 things that I feel are essential items for your carry on.

Extra pair of unmentionables

My momma has always emphasized taking extra pairs of underwear with me whenever I travel. ALWAYS. It has been a habit that I have held dear to all the way up into my adulthood. Honestly, it’s good advice. Flights can get delayed or canceled, “accidents” can happen, etc. Having that extra set will keep you prepared and on top of your hygiene in the event of an unexpected situation.

  1. Entertainment (I prefer a book) and entertainment accessories (i.e. headphone, chargers, stylus, etc.)

When I traveled to Taiwan, both my flight there and back were 13+ hours. You can only sleep for so long. During the times that you can’t sleep any longer, be prepared with your favorite source of entertainment and any accessories that you may need to enjoy it.

    1. Compressions socks

Yes, compression socks. How much circulation is happening within your legs if you’re sitting on a plane, in a cramped seat (if you’re in coach) for 13+ hours? Not much. Compressions socks help aid with circulation to reduce swelling and in worse cases the formation of blood clots.

    1. Healthy snack

Personally, I don’t think that airplane food is the worse, BUT it definitely isn’t the best. Additionally, options are usually limited and the nutrition of the food is kind of questionable. It’s best to bring something with which you are familiar (who wants BGs on any flight), it travels easy, and doesn’t have an unpleasant smell. Maybe keep a small lunch box with suggest nuts, dried fruit, a light sandwich, snack crackers, etc.

  1. Sleeping essentials – Blanket/nice jacket, small pillow/neck pillow, and eye-mask

You are not in control of the environment of the plane, but you are in control of how you adjust and make the environment more comfortable. Although some airlines will provide these things for you, sometimes it just makes you more relaxed and flight more pleasant when you have your own personal belongings.

    1. BONUS!!!!!  Toiletries and wash cloth

For long flights, I feel that this is super essential. After eating your snacks, sitting for hours, and drooling all over your pillow, a little refresher is needed. I definitely feel better if half-way through the flight, I can follow some of my normal daily hygiene routine such as brushing my teeth, washing my face, and taking a little bird bath. Also, I think that your row mates will be appreciative too.
Bonus: Patience and a positive attitude. Once it’s over, you’ll be in an amazing destination ready to have a great time.

Where have you traveled? What things are must haves for you when you travel?

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